High Technology Seamless Liquid, Waterproofing and Corrosion,
Inhibition for Bridges under asphalt.


A Flexible Seamless Liquid Waterproofing System for Highway bridges under asphalt.

Superior Waterproofing Essential

• Concrete not always in compliance with Specifications viz Absorption, Porosity and Permeability;

• Bottom of the barrel Systems selected on Price only, often fail to deliver in terms of Performance;

• Damage often occurs to cheap membranes by third parties and other trades during Construction;

• Similarly, damage may also occur to the Waterproofing when the protection Boards are being installed;

• Chloride Ion ingress may compromises Structural integrity of Concrete or Steel Decks.


Superior Performance Criteria

• Very few limitations for installation at varying temperatures;

• Rapid Setting and Curing minimises costly Possession & facilitates almost immediate use;

• Non absorbent and Impermeable;

• Tenacious Bond to Concrete and Steel surfaces;

• Crack Bridging even at below sub zero temperatures;

• Chemical (fusion) bonding between subsequent Coatings minimises chances of any debonding;

• Seamless Protection;

• Lower densities on flexural members;

• High technology primer;

• Easily repaired where applicable;

• High resistance of tackcoat to work traffic.


Installation Benefits

• Cold applied and does not require heating or conditioning;

• Available in both Hand and Spray applied grades (MATACRYL® MANUAL membrane only);

• Applied in both Horizontal and Vertical Grades;

• VOC compliant and contains no solvent;

• Reduced application times between Coats and layers;

• Rapid installation and handover to Client / User;

• Membrane only requires 2mm dry film thickness (d.f.t) applied in one coat;

• Universal primer to suit concrete or metal bridge;

• Chemically inert and not requiring Hazmat precautions when disposing of

• Rain resistant within 30 minutes of application;

• Setting and Curing times may be adjusted to suit ambient and site conditions;

• No Protection Boards or additional Alternative Protective Layers (APL) required;

• Limited manpower required;

• Insignificant amount of equipment and plant required;

• High resistance of tackcoat to work traffic.


System Build Up Bridge Decks under Asphalt

Membrane under asphalt