The FRP SYSTEM are wet lay up system using  high-density carbon-fiber and pultruded laminate, E-AR glass or aramid  strips glued to supports with special structural adhesives RESIN  with superior mechanical characteristics. With both the plating and the wrapping methods of application, the system reinforces the structure where it is necessary to improve or restore static conditions, by increasing their resistance, load-bearing qualities and ductility, but without overloading the structure.


High standard and certified composite materials: carbon, Glass, Steel, Aramid to be used with  adhesives RESIN


  • Carbon  fabric  uni-bi directional, quadriaxial  C-SHEET, CTB, Q.

Weight                   g/m²     200-300-400-500-600

Elastic modulus    GPa     240-390-640

Tensile Strength   MPa     2600-3000-3800

Elongation at break  %    0,4-0,8-1,5


  • Carbon pultruded laminates LAMELLA

Thickness              mm       1,2-1,4

Width                     cm       5-6-8-9-10-12

Elastic modulus     GPa       > 150-200

Tensile Strength     MPa      > 2000-2500

Elongation at break   %      > 1,3-1,5

  • Carbon pultruded rods unnotched and improved bond  BARRA

diameter                  mm     6-8-10-12

Elastic modulus       GPa     > 150

Tensile Strength      MPa     > 2300

Elongation at break    %     > 1,5


  • Anchoring system connector aramid fiber  AFIX

diameter                   mm    6-8-10-12

Elastic modulus        GPa    110

Tensile Strength       MPa    1600

Elongation at break     %    1,5


  • Aramid fabric uni-bi directional A-SHEET  (filament)

weight                   g/m²        300-400

Elastic modulus    GPa        120

Tensile Strength   MPa        2900

Elongation at break  %       2,5

  • STEEL FABRIC UHTSS uni-directional STEEL NET

TYPE                                           150            190          310

Weight                         g/m²         1528          1910        3056

Elastic modulus           GPa           190          190          190

Tensile Strength          MPa         3345        3345         3345

Unit Tensile Strength   kN/m         642          803          1285

Elongation at break       %            >2,2         >2,2          >2,2


  • E-AR Glass fabric uni-bi directional G-SHEET

Weight                g/m²          350-800

GLASS  TYPE (filament)      E             AR

Elastic modulus     GPa       73           65

Tensile Strength    MPa       3400       3000

Elongation at break  %       4,5          4,3



The following adhesives are technically approuved and certified to be used with carbon, glass, aramid and steel  fabrics, laminates and  rods.

The adhesives marked CE are produced according with EN 1504-4 european norm.


RESIN PRIMER  primer bicomponent for porous surface.

RESIN PRIMER E primer bicomponent without solvent for any surface.

RESIN 90 special bicomponent adhesive  to smooth surface and glue steel and  laminate.

RESIN 75  special bicomponent adhesive to glue and impregnate fabric.

RESIN 70-75-98  and RESIN INJECT  SF for rods anchoring and for injection into cracks.


Protection products  for installed fabrics, laminate, steel:

RESINLAST  bicomponent elastic paint.

RESINCOLOR  anticarbonation paint.

Please check Company export dept for exact type of products available on production (weight, roll width, packaging).